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Since March 2012, I work as a digital forensics examiner, I examine cases such as copyright infringements (aka web scraping), data breaches, hacking (defacing, malware to steal bitcoins, cryptomalware, malware to steal sensitive data e.g. bank passwords), tax evasion, money laundering, web fraud and financial fraud. I have used commercial software including FTK, X-Ways, Nuix workstation, Forensic Explorer. Moreover, I develop my own tools when there is a need. In addition, I have gained extensive experience with recovering RAID storage devices without having prior information about the configuration parameters. During my tenure at the lab, I obtained an interest in cases that involve companies which defraud public investors.

Concerning my education, I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. My master thesis examined statistical properties of popular internet applications. I also carried stressing tests in network interface cards and saturated links to find out distinct patterns.

Regarding programming, I am experienced with web and Gui development. Specifically, I use extensively python to solve automation issues. For web development I use Flask (a python framework) as backend. I also developed GUI programs using PyQT and GTK3+. In addition, I have developed programs for xml transformation and pdf reports generation using xsl. Regarding databases I developed data storage solutions with MySQL, MSSQL and Redis. I have worked in collaborative and individual software projects. I try to accommodate best practices in projects implementation such as extensive unit testing, continuous integration and deployment. Concerning cloud services, I am familiar with Google cloud services such as Google App Engine.


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